Pritchett Consulting Group (PCG) has designed a portfolio of service offerings that are intended to address a wide-variety of client needs for the Building Construction and Development Industry.  Most projects will combine our services in order to avoid costly delays to complete all size and types of projects. Pritchett Consulting Group has adapted most general service lines of consulting and specifically tapered them to fit any building construction and or development project. We assess the situation and select the appropriate solution that best fits the challenge of navigating the governmental procedures and process to comply with the codes.  The following are a list of general services provided:

Planning (Entitlement) Services

PCG serves as lead consultant to coordinate the consultants through the entitlement process. We have an on-going working relationship with numerous consultants in each of the professional practice areas to best fit the consultant with the size and needs of the project. This provides the most cost effective and efficient pairing to successfully navigate the entitlement process. As the lead consultant, we will coordinate with architects, traffic and civil engineers, surveyors, environmental planners, and attorneys to complete applications and compile supporting documentation to submit to the applicable jurisdiction. We actively track and monitor the project through the entitlement process, which includes coordinating with the development and construction team through the building permit process.

  • Site Selection
  • Zoning Verification and land use research
  • Location analysis
  • Site plan approvals
  • Conditional use permits
  • Zoning BDA – Board of Adjustment, Appeals, Variances and Exceptions
  • Property Re-Zoning
  • Platting
  • Abandonments
  • Development Plan Management and Amendments
  • Public Works and Transportation Approvals
  • Project Representation at Public Hearings
  • Pre-Development Consulting

Building Permit Acquisition (Expediting) and Related Services

General contractors, builders, architects, engineers, business owners, investors, developers and property managers have turned to Pritchett Consulting Group (PCG) for building permit acquisition and expediting needs. PCG permits all types of building construction and development projects annually. However, we’re not your standard permit expeditor that just pulls your permit. We are professional consultants, experts experienced in municipal regulation processes who are respected by the authorities having jurisdiction. Our working relationships and rapport with staff is immeasurable.

PCG offers a full-range of custom services that will save you TIME, MONEY AND FRUSTRATION! We can customize packages to fit any project:

  • Building Permit Acquisition**
  • Temporary Structure Building Permit Acquisition
  • Barricade Permit Acquisition
  • Certificate of Occupancy (Same and Change of Use) Acquisition

General Services included with Building Permit Acquisition:

  • Jurisdiction permitting and plan review process analysis
  • Prior Permit Record Research when needed
  • Administrative Plan Review
  • Organized system of required data collection
  • Customized comprehensive client checklist of required deliverables
  • Document Preparation and Application(s) submital
  • Plan Review Process Management, Tracking and Monitoring
  • Coordination with Design Team, General Contractor and Landlord
  • Engage City/County Officials and negotiate when needed
  • Coordinate Responses to City/County Review Staff and Comments
  • Representation at City/County Staff ‘Team Reviews’

**NOTE: The following services may be recommended or needed to be combined and included with Permit Acquisition as needed and offers the client the ability to engage with us instead of multiple agreements and time consuming coordination:

  • Special zoning district submital and/or management
  • Historic/Landmark Preservation Commission Approval
  • Inspection Liaison after Building Permit Issuance
  • Code Consulting – Code Analysis and Review
  • Parking Analysis
  • Parking Agreements
  • Food and Beverage Establishment Application Processing
  • Unity Agreements

Liaison Services

We provide representation for general contractors, electrical contractors, business owner’s, property managers, investors and developers before, during and after purchasing buildings. In addition, we can provide representation after building permit issuance for the inspection process to resolve problems that may arise. We are experts in the area of codes and standards that assure our clients will be able to make better informed decisions.
Our consultants are available to provide the following service, which are often combined with other services:
Building and Land Acquisition Representation
Inspection Process Representation and coordination 

Litigation Support Services

Our principal consultant has over 25 years’ experience in the development, application and administration of the building codes. We can research the requirements of adopted codes and ordinances at the time the building was constructed, remodeled or altered, permitted and inspected, currently and at any critical time.

Our consultants are available to provide the following services to the legal industry:

  • Administration and Procedures for the Construction Codes and Local Ordinances
  • Code and Ordinances Effective Adopted Dates
  • Permit and Inspection Record Discovery and Research
  • Building and Construction Codes Discovery and Research
  • Expert Analysis of Electrical Code Compliance
  • Interpretation of the Electrical Code Provisions to Determine Intent
  • Coordination and Procurement of Expert Testimony