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Pritchett Consulting Group (hereinafter PCG), is a Consulting, Construction and Development services solution provider. The company was founded by Cary Pritchett in 2015 and has its office in the Dallas area, he is the Principal Consultant. Created to delivering innovation and achievement, PCG collaborates with primarily Construction and Development clients to help them with all local government matters in the Development and Building Construction Industry. We can serve our clients in many different ways and rely on our expertise in end-to-end consulting, know-how of the industry, deep understanding of emerging/current/legacy governmental jurisdiction processes, to help clients achieve "Value-Driven Solutions" for their projects.


We know that you're reputation is only as good as the results of your last job. That's why we pride ourselves on a results-oriented approach.


We live, eat & breathe construction in all its forms. Keeping construction going strong in this country is day-to-day mission.

Cary Pritchett, Founder and Principal Consultant, has established extensive inter-government experience over 25 years, he has managed the permitting and inspection processes involved with the common and unique challenges, from small single and multi-family projects to large world class commercial construction projects, including MAJOR special events such as the 2014 NCAA Final Four, 2013 JKF50, 2010 NBA All-Star Game and the Annual State Fair of Texas.

From simple transfer of documents for plan review through the permit process, technical Code compliance, training or inspection services, our goal is to become a cost effective and trusted resource for the client. We, perform our consulting services with the same sense of urgency, professionalism and attention to detail that you would deliver yourself or expect from your internal staff.

When project deadlines loom or your time would be better spent elsewhere, permits still need to be processed quickly and or issues arise, a reliable option needs to be available to you. 

Cary D. Pritchett

"time is money"


At Pritchett Consulting Group, we've taken our collective experience to create our own methodology to keep your project on track and under budget.

The old cliche.......Valuable time wasted in traffic and waiting in line at the permitting counter, consulting with local governmental jurisdictional staff, seeking variances, exceptions, special  approvals, temporary occupancy and code interpretations could be better spent generating more profit, for your company.

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We strive to be an industry leader in providing unique professional consulting for jurisdictional regulatory assurance consisting of permit acquisition, technical code compliance and training (Building and Electrical), and inspection services to our clients.  Pritchett Consulting Group has the ability to resolve technical issues and gain approvals, this is based on significant knowledge and experience, excellent reputation, conflict resolution and communication skills, that has been developed over 30 years of being engaged in complying with the local government codes and ordinances.

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